Republic House Denounces Aurian Coup

Aurian security forces allied with the Cordonnier government on the streets of Lumiere, Auria’s capital.

Laeralsford— Republic House today denounced in harsh terms the recent coup in Cape Auria which removed the small Caxcanan nation’s government from power, calling for respect for human rights and unveiling targeted sanctions at officials supporting the Cordonnier regime.

“The government of Andrew Laurent-Cordonnier has shown little respect for human rights, particularly the freedom of assembly and freedom from torture and bodily harm, as evidenced by the disturbing videos of protestors and the country’s prime minister being mistreated and attacked by pro-Cordonnier forces,” said Republic House foreign affairs spokesperson Chang Chengzhi. “The government of Laeral hereby calls for the release of all political prisoners and the immediate end of the state of emergency. The targeted sanctions announced will further our goal of pressuring those responsible for this unlawful and unjust coup against Auria’s elected government.”

Sanctions announced by Republic House included the seizure of all assets and a ban on conducting business with Andrew Laurent-Cordonnier himself and over two dozen officials associated with the June 28th coup, including General Jean-Claude Michelin, a prominent military leader. Republic House did not renounce the possibility of future sanctions as the situation in Cape Auria develops.

Spokesperson Chang also revealed that Laeralian government officials, including Foreign Minister Tanvi Misra, had been in contact with prominent officials of the Aurian pre-coup government, currently residing in Eiria. “We are working with our partners in Eiria, as well as Queen Sophie and the elected representatives of the Aurian people, to resolve the situation and pressure the illegitimate military regime.”

Mila Sheng, Les Couloirs

Published simultaneously on the Laeralian media newsthread.

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