Eirian High Court Justice Kuznecovs Dies

Ranking Justice Pavils Kuznecovs, longest seated member of the Eirian National High Court, passed away today at the age of 86. A well-respected jurist, he wrote opinions and judgements for hundreds of well-known cases. He died of natural causes in his home in Clirslauk, a town in the Geminus province not far from the Geminus city metropolitan limits. His family had asked for privacy from the media and political officials, and has declined to make any further statements.

Justice Amelie Mercier, now the most senior High Court Justice, is set to succeed Kuznecovs as Ranking Justice. “My heart goes out to the Kuznecovs family. He was a great man, and it truly was an honor to serve on the court next to him. Eiria has lost a great leader today” Mercier stated in a press conference held this afternoon.

Although no leading politician has mentioned discussions regarding Kuznecovs’ replacement, numerous political activists from all sides of the political spectrum have been proposing their favored judges to fill the newly vacant seat. However, Kuznecovs was a well-known center mind on the High Court, and many fear that a new addition will offset the balance of opinion on the court.

Chancellor Lancaster gave a brief press conference regarding Kuznecovs’ death earlier today. “It is a shame and a tragedy. We’ve lost one of the greatest jurists in Eiria, who leaves behind a legacy few can even fathom. May he, and his family, find peace.”

The Chancellor also made disapproving remarks towards activists promoting their favorite judges for the open seat. “A great leader hasn’t even been dead for a day, and some individuals are already trying to fill the vacancy. I have no problems with people voicing their opinions on judicial nomination, however doing it this early after (Kuznecovs’) passing is distasteful. Please, let the dead rest.”

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