Xiomera, Iskiram form alliance

The governments of Iskiram and Xiomera have announced their agreement to form a mutual alliance, in another sign of growing polarization among nations. According to the announcement, Xiomera will provide assistance to Iskiram in modernizing its armed forces, and will also provide Iskiram with access to Xiomeran defense and industrial technology. The two countries are also slated to work together on joint research and development projects.

Xiomera will also provide Iskiram with finished trade goods at a significant discount. In return, Iskiram will provide Xiomera with access to natural resources that are greatly desired by Xiomera’s massive industrial sector. The two countries will also form a defensive pact to ensure mutual assistance in the event of a hostile attack by other parties on either nation.

Xiomera and Iskiram have worked together closely in the past, most recently during the Xiomeran Civil War. Iskirami forces allied to Xiomera helped overthrow the then-Emperor Xochiuhue in a coup orchestrated by the current Empress, Calhualyana. “This formal agreement is something that will benefit both countries, help them both grow and prosper, and will also prevent hostile foreign parties from interfering with their sovereign rights. We look forward to continuing our warm friendship and alliance with the Iskirami people,” Empress Calhualyana told the media.

Although the Lord-Regent could not be reached for comment, his representatives stated that “the Sultanate is honored to strengthen their ties with Xiomera, and believes that this alliance will be towards the benefit of both nations.”

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