Greer Presents Credentials After Senate Confirmation

World Assembly HQ – Newly confirmed Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly, Dr. Bethany Greer, formally presented her credentials to the World Assembly Secretariat this evening, following Senate confirmation of her nomination this morning. She is Sanctaria’s eighth Ambassador to the global body.

Dr. Greer succeeds Dr. Katherine Saunders who resigned last week to pursue the presidency of Sanctaria as the Sanctarian Conservative Party’s nominee. She was previously Saunder’s deputy Ambassador at the Assembly, so is already familiar with its procedures; before her posting at the World Assembly, Dr. Greer also served as Ambassador to Lauchenoiria.

In a statement today, Dr. Greer thanked the government for their confidence in her, and promised to consider pursuing new legislation in the body, following a number of years under Dr. Saunders where her priority was to improve or attempt to defeat legislation proposed by other delegations. Dr. Greer also stated that she and the Government were re-considering the Sanctarian delegation’s boycott of the Security Council.

Ambassador Greer is a life-long diplomat, and is married with two children. She speaks three languages to fluent level, and is proficient in a fourth. She is originally from Nicene.

KIM TOWERS, World Assembly Correspondent

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