DLP Backbencher Allman Declares Candidacy

Nicene – Backbench Galvium MP Nicola Allman today declared she had gained the support of enough DLP MPs to run in the upcoming leadership contest. Allman, who has been an MP for Sooma, in Galvium, since 2018, is a surprise late entry into the contest, having had little-to-no national or even state presence before her announcement today.

Allman, who is in her 40s, is a moderate, and known to be a personal friend of fellow Galvian Kathryn Stewart who earlier this month announced she would not be running, despite being a favourite. Allman has served on the House Committee for World Assembly Affairs, and is known to have a big interest in foreign affairs and homeland security. She won her seat in Sooma fairly handily at the last election, but outside of the constituency is a virtual unknown. She has never represented the party on the regular media rounds and has no name recognition with the general public, or even with many Democratic Left Party members and voters.

However, a late entry of a hithertho unknown backbencher is not entirely unsurprising – though unlikely to win, an ambitious MP might use this opportunity both for gaining higher profile, particularly for their pet projects, but also to pitch for a cabinet position should the next leader of the DLP become Chancellor. Supporters of both Amanda Thomas, and Ethan Ringrose, suspect it’s this latter motivation that has driven Allman to enter the race.

How it will change the race is as of yet unknown. Currently Amanda Thomas leads Ringrose by 32% to 29% in support from DLP members, with the remaining percentages either don’t knows/no preference, or wishful supporters of MPs who have declared their candidacy. Another moderate in the race might impact Ringrose, but some suspect that Allman might impact the “female vote” which is currently favouring Thomas. Having been such an unknown before now, no polling company had asked likely voters their thoughts on Nicola Allman.

The deadline for nominations is 12 noon this Sunday, October 16th.

GWEN COPLEY, Political Correspondent

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