NIST Releases 2023 Vaccination Schedule, Production Begins

Dr. Con Ives – 04/01/2023
Novella City, Xeles, Novella Islands
Novellan National News Service

Newly approved single-dose octavalent vaccine recommended for all citizens

The public health division of the Novellan Institute of Science and Technology, the Novella Islands’ leading research university, has today released its recommended vaccination schedule for the 2023-2024 period. Dr. Elissa Stark, Minister of Health, relayed the report at a press conference, “NIST has provided the government with its medical guidance, backed by their empirical research and modelling. We have accepted each of the proposals, and the Ministry of Health will act accordingly.”

NIST-Octa-2023-A – no doubt, better known as the 2023 NIST vaccine – had only passed through human safety trials in December of 2022. Nonetheless, the Dell Government and NIST assure the public that it is both safe, and highly effective against a broad variety of transmissible illnesses. As Dr. Stark notes, “This is the first time we’ve approved an octavalent vaccine; that is, eight strains, rolled into one. With that much coverage, we are able to protect against a huge variety of diseases, all in a single shot.”

As with all NIST-developed vaccines, the overall composition and manufacturing process will be made publicly available to the international medical community. Further, the Dell Government has committed to manufacturing for export over 25 million doses of the vaccine; this is in addition to the 100 million that will be produced for domestic citizens by the end of the year.

“We are always proud to help out our international peers, especially those who are most vulnerable. The Dell Government is committed to its longstanding tradition of releasing its medical advances to the world at large, as is our duty as responsible international citizens,” Dr. Stark continued.

These 25 million export doses will be delivered to nations with underdeveloped healthcare systems, at production cost. Developed nations interested in making use of the Novella Islands’ surplus vaccine manufacturing capacity may pay a slight premium; many other countries will simply make use of the open-source blueprint, within their own medical industry.

Vials are filled with NIST-Octa-2023-A, the Novella Islands’ first octavalent vaccine.

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