Proposal Permitting Nuclear Attacks Condemned by Greer

World Assembly HQ – Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly, Dr. Bethany Greer, today condemned the current resolution-at-vote in the General Assembly which, if passed, would allow World Assembly nations to launch nuclear attacks on fellow member states for, she claims, “actions that are not proportionate to their usage”. The Nuclear Aggression Act proposes to allow a nuclear response to, not only other nuclear attacks, but also to “convention warhead[s] or a military invasion”. The proposal written by the delegation from Jedinsto, comes after the General Assembly repealed a number of resolutions on duties of WA member states when it comes to war and nuclear weapons.

Greer has said that nuclear war “should be the last, very last, option” and that the effects of a nuclear bomb can be devastating not just on military targets but “also on civilians and even also on the environment, both innocent bystanders in wars of aggression”. She has said that permitting nuclear responses to conventional weaponry, or to an invasion by another’s military, is “not proportionate” and an “overreach” of military power. “To be invaded, or to have a warhead devastate civilian lives are terrible things. Nations need to be permitted to defend themselves effectively, but to allow nuclear responses to such actions is a disproportionate response, and nations with nuclear weapons need to be more responsible given they can wreck such terrible, terrible devastation on others”, she said in a press conference announcing Sanctaria’s position.

Though Sanctaria must ultimately vote as per the wishes of the entire region of the International Democratic Union, as its World Assembly Delegate, Greer has said she would be pressing the important of voting against on all of her colleagues and peers in the rest of the IDU – “this resolution is too flawed to be permitted to pass. I will urge everyone I can to vote it down”, she said. At time of writing, the proposal does seem to be failing, but with days left in voting, “anything can happen”, she added. Greer also said that she yesterday lodged Sanctaria’s preliminary vote against the resolution based on the voting patterns of IDU member states, but her delegation was watching should that change, though “[she] hope[s] it does not”.

Separately, Greer has said she is concerned with the idea of a World Assembly sponsored police force or armed forces, proposals permitting such are currently being drafted by other nations in the international body. “Sanctaria’s position is to be against such proposals”, she said, confirming that the new DLP-Green government would be continuing with a longstanding tradition of neutrality of, and anti-intervention by, the global body. New Foreign Secretary Kathryn Stewart confirmed shortly after the formation of the government back in December that Greer would be staying on as the nation’s Ambassador to the World Assembly, following her appointment in January of last year.

KIM TOWERS, World Assembly Correspondent

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