In Slokais, National Security Decree has taken effect.

Last month, President Brooke Weasley signed an executive order declaring the deployment of troops to Kaijan and giving authority to local police to conduct arrests related to terrorist charges. This order has been met with strong opposition and some elements of the order have been overruled by Judge Ramon-Paul Hernando of New Liverpool. However, the 4th National Guard has already secured points of interest in Pendang Township. For example in the city of Kabultan, local militias attacked a convoy leading to a multi-hour search in the city’s slums for the perpetrators. Most Kaijanese leaders are unhappy with the drastic approach to the Kaijan League. For example, the prominent mullah, Mohammed Ben-Salah has declared of the military presence “the people of Kaijan have been wronged, therefore we must fight back”.

Meanwhile, in New Liverpool, a number of people connected to the Kaijan League have been arrested. The most high profile of these arrests was in the Presidential Towers housing project. Police were confronted by gang members leading to a shootout lasting almost an hour. Eventually, a SWAT team captured the high-profile target in question, although there was significant damage within the area.

Finally, in the Legislature, Howard Alexander-Walker of the Left Party and a veteran of the Great War declared that “We already defeated the Three Emperors, yet there is one sitting up at Presidential House, destroying what we fought for so many years”. This statement was met with boos by the opposition bloc with MP Walter Oyrayas (New-Right Dolphin Isle) calling for the “removal of Mr. Walker from this body for treason”.

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