Eiria, Haesan announce new tech initiative, deepen diplomatic ties

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By Foreign Correspondent Lee Jun-seo

GEMINUS, EIRIA: On Monday evening, the governments of Eiria and Haesan finalized the details of a new economic programme which serves to bolster Haesan’s tech industry and deepen the diplomatic and economic ties between the two nations. The initiative, dubbed “Haesan TechUp!”, or “Haesan TekAug!” in Traditional Eirian, will provide Haesanite citizens access to subsidized Eirian computer science programmes while extending tech startups discounted lines of credit in Eirian banks.

Eirian corporations Jan Elek and KrōniTek will collaborate with various corporations and medium size tech firms in Haesan to share their technological expertise, and provide partnerships and experience share programmes for Haesan’s tech workers. Haesan’s Ministry of Growth & Investment has announced special applications that firms can use to qualify for these programmes, as well as low-interest-rate loans from Eirian banks like Rōš ut Bernei.

Haesan and Eiria have maintained stable diplomatic relations since their embassies reopened in 2015 following the Eirian Civil War. This arrangement marks a further deepening of those ties. In Eirian Minister of the Economy Amelie Ward’s speech at the programme launch ceremony, she echoed this sentiment, stating, “Eiria has a responsibility to help its faithful friends abroad, as they have helped us so much in the past. It’s our belief that the Haesan TechUp programme will bring necessary economic growth to both Haesan and Eiria, and forge stronger ties between our nations. Growth for one nation means growth for all nations.”

Later at the event, Haesan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Cho Ji-hwan explained his view on the programme, explaining, “For us Haesanites, having watched the rest of the world pass us in technological growth over the last few decades, having the opportunity to learn from Eirian experts and progress together is truly something to be celebrated.” He further commented, “May this be merely one of many agreements bringing together our two great nations.”

The first round of startup funding and skill share opportunities will be available in the fall. For those interested in applying, see parliament.hn/economy/Haesan_techup.

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