Watchdogs Announce End of Activist Group Following Canal Zone Attack

Watchdogs of Our Earth, a climate activist group that the outlawed Warriors of Our Earth split from, has announced that they would no longer take any actions under that name, and would be ending all their activities as WOE. The group issued a press release, while simultaneously posting on social media, urging members and supporters to “continue action, but not under our name”. The reason given in the statement was that too many people equated Watchdogs with Warriors; and it was harming their cause – especially after this morning’s Canal Zone incident.

This morning, members of Warriors of Our Earth attacked an oil tanker passing through the Intra-Xiomeran Canal; currently a demilitarised zone policed by a number of nations following the conclusion of the Xiomeran civil war. The number of casualties is as yet unknown, as the Canal Peacekeeping Force has not yet released any information. Pictures of the tanker on fire have spread online. WOE has not released a statement on the matter as of yet.

The terrorist group Warriors of Our Earth, has been prohibited in Lauchenoiria since late 2020, however it is only recently that the government has begun arrests and prosecutions of individuals for their membership and support of the group, rather than specific actions. Over 24,000 activists associated with either Watchdogs and/or Warriors were arrested over the past week, however around 19,000 were released within twelve hours after questioning ascertained they were solely associated with the non-violent Watchdogs.

Both groups are outlawed in a number of countries, including Xiomera and Shuell. Of the two activists who were kidnapped by Xiomeran authorities, and allegedly tortured, one was solely a member of Watchdogs rather than Warriors. However, given the resource-sharing by both groups, many Watchdogs have knowledge of Warriors’ activities, even if they are not actively involved. It is likely to be these ties that have motivated Watchdogs to shut down operations, alongside the Canal Zone attack.

It is expected that many members of Watchdogs will go on to found new activist organisations, either at a national or local level. However, given the recent mass arrests, and the threats from Lao Sansong and Xiomera towards anyone associated with WOE, more may well retire from activism, at least temporarily. Those associated with Warriors, meanwhile, are being charged with membership of a prohibited organisation, and it is likely most will end up serving a prison sentence.

After the announcement from Lao Sansong that they would permit extrajudicial ‘honor killings’ of “suspected members” of WOE, the Lauchenoirian government issued a travel advisory warning against all travel to the country. It is thought that merely being Lauchenoirian may be enough to trigger said suspicions, given how closely the country is associated with WOE. The government has also recalled all non-essential diplomatic staff from Lao Sansong, citing ‘severe danger’.

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