Haesan to compete at Hanshui ’23

By Sports & Leisure Staff Columnist Cho Ji-hwan

HWAGANG: In a stunning turn of events, Haesan has announced its intention to compete in Laeral at the upcoming Hanshui Olympic Games. Haesan was largely expected to boycott the Olympics due to the ongoing dispute with Laeral over the occupation of Soeyan Province (referred to in Laeral as the Xueyan S. A. R.). This announcement continues a warming of relations between the two nations, and many hope that negotiations between high profile diplomats at the games can lead to a framework for a lasting peace in the region, which has been the site of low-level guerilla warfare for the last 6 decades.

Many political commentators see the announcement by President Kim I-seul and Haesan’s National Olympic Committee as a way to boost national unity in these politically uncertain times. However, there are those domestically who have heavily criticized the decision. Seo Yu-jun, the head of the One Haesan Party, has already voiced his opposition to participating, stating “To engage with Laeral like this and not demand anything in return makes us look weak. We need to fight every day, in every way, for reunification.” Additionally, small scale protests have erupted over the decision, most notably in Sinju and Levesque.

Meanwhile, the governments of Laeral and Haesan have been coordinating the diplomatic and logistical challenge of allowing large numbers of Haesanite spectators to cheer on their national teams. Airlines in both Haesan and Laeral are coordinating timetables to significantly increase connections from major airports across Haesan to Hanshui and Laeralsford. It is likely this tightening of the nations’ economic relationship and increased bilateral freedom of movement could improve relations in the long term, especially as younger generations in both nations have less antipathy regarding Soeyan than their older counterparts.

Haesan is fielding competitors in all 113 events, and expects a solid all-around performance amidst these extraordinary circumstances. What is for certain is that Haesanite athletes will play their hearts out, and we can expect a lot of fun, entertainment, and drama in Hanshui due to their participation.

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