Eïkangärd Deploys Troops to Joint Peacekeeping Mission in West Xiomera

Vastergad, Eïkangärd – As part of growing ties with our friends in the Empire of Xiomera, Eïkangärd plans to deploy troops to the newly reintegrated territories of West Xiomera. This is to ensure the continued stability of our ally, and to foster greater friendship and cooperation between our great nations. Thusly, we can secure each others future against an increasingly hostile world. By ensuring our ally’s ability to secure their territories, we in turn empower ourselves to do the same.

Greater Marshall Sancha Groenbard wished the departing troops luck and strength in the coming battles, as sure rogue elements supported by the regime in Huenya would attempt to undermine the peaceful reintegration of West Xiomera. Much as they had already attempted the great Xiomeran people of this area to secede from the tyrannical rule from Chuaztlapoc and rejoin their brothers and sisters in arms. The Greater Marshall also extended such wishes to the Xiomeran people, praising them for their decisive actions and strength in the defense of their countrymen.

As the men and women of the 34th Armored Brigade prepare to depart to Xiomeran shores, we salute both them and the brave defenders of Xiomera. May our two nations burn brighter than the fires of destruction which continue to consume others. Eïkangärd remains ready to defend the sovereign rights of herself and her allies abroad.

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