Haesan’s accession to LIDUN reversed

Decision comes after revelations of a protocol breach, vote to be held shortly

By National Political Correspondent Han Min-ji

DEMOCRACITY, FREE LAND OF THE IDU: In a shock, it turns out that Haesan is not yet a formal member of the League of IDU Nations (LIDUN). The approval of Haesan’s request by the Eirian delegation came mere hours after the approval of the LIDUN charter, but those crucial hours have made a serious impact on Haesan’s status.

Article 11 of the new charter reads that “All states within the IDU which possess international recognition and a permanent population are eligible to become member states of LIDUN, provided a two-thirds majority of the voting members of the Budgetary and Internal Affairs Council (BIAC) vote in favor.” Because the charter had been ratified before Haesan’s approval, this provision would necessarily apply, and Haesan’s membership could not have been merely unilaterally approved by the President of LIDUN without a successful vote in the BIAC. The Eirian delegation has already announced that the vote for Haesan’s LIDUN membership will be the monumental first order of business of the newly chartered organization.

While the error on account of the LIDUN President’s office has ruffled some feathers back in Hwagang, generally the apology from the Eirians has been well received, and there is little to indicate that this will have any long term effect on Haesan-Eiria relations. Due to the prompt timing of the vote, it is still a possibility that Haesan can join the Security Council, ultimately the key motivation for the Haesan’s application in the first place. There is little uncertainty over the accession vote as Haesan’s application for membership is expected to gain widespread support, and it seems that Haesan will still indeed become a member of LIDUN, just after an unfortunate delay.

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