Brother Nations Deploys Troops, Calls For Mediation

Inwaukosuwuk, Tsimdaupohwetosonghnee – With the reiteration of their demands for the return of their DMZ Territory, the State of Eïkangärd has deployed additional troops to the border without warning. This has prompted a rapid response from the Whetosongnean armed forces, authorized by the Council. Quickly, three mechanized divisions were scrambled to the border, ready to move in and secure the DMZ from Eïkan aggression.

In the meantime, High Speaker Jimmy Seven-Feather has called on the international community for mediation. “Increasing tensions with Eïkangärd put our country at risk.” Said the Speaker. “We would rather avoid war if possible, and would like to engage with our Eïkan counterparts to resolve this peacefully and equitably.”

Complicating matters is the formal statement from the Eïkan Government-in-Exile, which has wholly rejected the demands for the return of DMZ territory to the militaristic state. “Sancha Groenbärd does not speak for the Eikan people.” Said spokesperson Ragna Volkuss. “The current regime within our homeland took power by force, and has caused much suffering during their war and in the subsequent decades since. The people are exploited and expended for their labour and lives. Generations have grown up under their thumb not knowing any different. We call on the international community to intervene and prevent Eïkangard’s annexation of the DMZ.”

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