The cease-fire, which was negotiated by Kim I-seul, the President of Haesan, was doomed to fail as the PNDS did not receive its goals during the cease-fire, notably being, international negotiation. Even though the Security Council has a motion towards discussing Roucourt it seems in the eyes of the PNDS, LIDUN has failed in providing a clear answer to the civil war. The PNDS’s answer to this failure is a full-scale attack on Roucourt territory, most importantly the capital.

PNDS artillery battalions have already begun to shell the city with a clear focus on the area housing Xiomera and its supplies, while PNDS armored divisions have steamrolled their way toward the capital.

The Xiomeran forces, seemingly ready for such an event have withstood every barrage that the PNDS has thrown at them, the same cannot be said for Roucourt’s forces. The Roucourtain forces on the southern part of the capital have broken under a shock and awe attack, although the battle is not yet finished, it seems that a Roucourt victory in the battle is now impossible.

Several of the minor factions have used this event to their advantage. One such faction is the ARL. They have captured many cities from Roucourt such as Zlaylovsk, and Lesnnskoy, renaming them to their original names before the Rossorganains invaded.

It is unknown how the situation in Roucourt will evolve, although we will keep the world updated on the situation.

Céleste Anzhelika– East Caxcana Head Correspondent

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