Roucourt Officially Accepts Doatian Support

It seems the newest member of LIDUN has bypassed the discussion on Roucourt entirely with Doatia officially recognizing Roucourt, and the democratic governments of the Democratic Republic of Lyudedovo, the Magnitovat Federation, and the Republic of Neftelkovo, which have agreed to a coalition government of sorts with leaders of the democratic government gaining seats at the National Assembly. This bizarre alliance comes as a shock to almost everyone, particularly the officials of Roucourt, as a democratic nation helping Roucourt with winning back control of their country was seemingly not an option they previously thought of.

This support comes after a diplomatic visit by Queen Aiyisha to several war-torn cities, under the protection of her Royal Guard, a squad from the Doatian Army, and two platoons of elite General Secretary of the State Guard soldiers. Queen Aiyisha visited Kalinyev, the capital of Roucourt, with the expressed purpose to hold a speech within the partially destroyed People’s Hall, although the exact speech is unknown it is likely it contained plans for additional support from Doatia.

It is not currently known however how much Xiomera approves of this support from Doatia, but it can be assumed that a balancing act has to be carried out by Roucourt, with probable favoritism towards their autocratic ally.

When the Doatian government was asked to respond to this situation the Doatia’s Ministry of Foreign Relations gave this, admitted long, response.

“In her role as Sovereign of Doatia and Head of State, Queen Aiyisha led the Daotian diplomatic strategy between the existing government of Roucourt and their democratic factions. Personally motivated to pursue a cease-fire, Queen Aiyisha negotiated with Roucourt and democratic factions to reach an imperfect resolution, which to date seems like the best chance for peace in Roucourt. Doatia will recognize the existing government of Roucourt, along with their democratic factions, as the legitimate authority over the nation. Furthermore, Doatia will not only be providing mediation support and humanitarian aid but also air and tactical support against the PNDS. The Queen herself will be accompanying aid workers, nurses and doctors, and mediation diplomats as they tour the war-stricken nation. The Royal Guard and a small squad from Doatia’s Armed Forces will accompany the Queen, her aid workers, and her mediation diplomats. Doatia’s Military Commander, Veronica Organa, will also be in attendance. The Queen became proactive after continued inaction from the Security Council, and the unlikelihood of a lasting cease-fire.”

It is bold for Doatia to forgo LIDUN entirely with some countries likely to lump it in with countries like Xiomera, but it is unknown how each country in LIDUN will react.
In addition to the recognition, Doatia has sent humanitarian aid to the countries making up the future coalition government, and the Free Womens Republic, with mediation diplomats, most likely discussing the exact details of a coalition government, have been set up in the city of Smozov, far away from the front line of the PNDS.

Doatia has also authorized, with Roucourtain support, air strikes, and training to Roucourt’s army, with special attention to the rear guard, this military support is likely the reason that Roucourt agreed to a coalition with the democratic forces. It can be assumed that Roucourt and Xiomera will keep a close eye on any military maneuvers done by Doatia.

Céleste Anzhelika– East Caxcana Head Correspondent

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