Conference on Kaijanese Independence held in New Liverpool.

In New Liverpool today, MPs, activists, and religious leaders met at the Southland Event Center to discuss paths toward potential independence for the majority-Muslim region of Slokais. This is amidst a conflict where radical groups have called for achieving independence by force. This conference was organized by More Autonomy! a political alliance of various regionalist parties including those in Kaijan. The idea of Kaijanese Independence has been active since the island was incorporated as a province in 1904, with several serious attempts ever since. However recently the idea has received unpredicted support, as the island continues to fall behind the rest of Slokais. The goal of the conference as stated by its organizers was to “provide a forum for civil and informative discussion on Kaijanese Independence”. Yet the conference itself was less than civil as counter-protesters from hardline Kaijanese nationalist groups attempted to disrupt the conference. This led to protesters being dispersed with teargas and the Mayor of New Liverpool, Vincent Robeles, closing the event by proclamation. Inside, however, the conference remained somewhat peaceful as Kaarim bin Safwaan, leader of the Muslim Union made a powerful speech, leading to several minutes of applause. Political experts believe this was also an opportunity for the leaders of various pro-independence parties to come up with an electoral plan to achieve independence behind closed doors. In fact shortly after the conference concluded the Kaijanese People’s Party and Muslim Union joined More Autonomy! electoral alliance. This means they will run a shared candidates in first-past the post elections.

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