Doatian Daily Update: 27/7/23 Hurricane Dorothy still felt week later

  • Victoria Organa to address the People’s Chamber on developments on the war in Roucourt
  • Queen Aiyisha rebukes international criticism of Doatia’s intervention in the Roucourt civil war
  • Prince Alsheer announces his engagement to Human Rights advocate and Doa City Public Defender Antonio McCready
  • Doatian economy in steady decline, conservative policies take the blame.
  • EJP votes to dissolve the EJP-PLP coalition, amid tensions with Chancellor Bernadino. Paves way for CP Chair Rebecca Loaz to once again become Chancellor.
  • EJP to petition the courts for a federal referendum
  • Hurricane and Tropical Storm season in full effect, devasting southern Doatia
  1. Victoria Organa, General of the Doatian Armed Forces, will soon address the People’s Chamber about the ongoing war in Roucourt. Although the Committee for National Security gets frequent updates from DAF, they’re classified and inaccessible to other People’s Chamber members. The Government Oversight committee, via co-chair Horatio Loren (CP) has accused the Monarchy of instructing DAF to withhold information, by indefinitely delaying declassified briefs to the People’s Chamber and the public. The Committee for Government Oversight has subpoenaed Organa, and she is seemingly complying. The briefing will consist of a public portion, and a closed-door classified portion.
  2. Amid criticism of Doatia’s intervention of Roucourt from several International leaders, Queen Aiyisha said “All bark but no bite. All of these leaders were happy to sit by as the PNDS attempts a military dictatorship in Roucourt. Doatia believes in democracy and freedom, and sometimes defending those ideals requires bold action. Our intervention has had no yet reported civilian casualties, is complying with the strictest code of conduct designed to preserve human rights and liberties, medics are helping everyone, including prisoners of war, and, most importantly, we have the consent of a coalition of peaceful democratic forces and the government of Roucourt, which represent a majority of the nation. The attacks come too little, too late, and warrant no further response. If you’re so concerned, step up”
  3. Doatian Journal Royal Correspondent Jasmine Fisher has received a report direct from the Crown’s communications office announcing the nuptials of Prince Alsheer and soon-to-be Prince consort Antonio McCready
  4. While EJP-PLP dysfunction, which only seems to be getting worse, bore the blame of the recession originally, the prolonging of the poor state of the economy are the fault of conservative policies that are stifling income growth. Personal incomes, and consumer spending, has steadily declined. The number of shuttered businesses and unemployed workers continues to rise. Eviction rates continue to hit unprecedented highs and homelessness has significantly increased. The CP repealed rent control, which has contributed to the highest rent increases Doatia has seen since the Industrial revolution. Coupled with housing deregulation and tax cuts, properties continue to fall into further despair and the average standard of living for low-income and middle-income Doatians continues to drop. The repeal of the minimum wage has caused the income of low and middle income Doatians to drop. And deregulating the Utility industry has led to soaring water and energy costs.
  5. Late yesterday evening, EJP PC (People’s Chamber) members gathered at party headquarters in the Capitol district of Doa city. A motion to leave the EJP-PLP coalition, effectively dissolving it, was raised. It was seconded by EJP Chair Shuri Recardo. The vote was nearly unanimous, with 6 EJP members voting against, and 5 abstaining. Recardo then welcomed reporters into the room and delivered an address. “For too long, the EJP has allowed the PLP to obstruct progress. Greater strides could’ve and should’ve been made in the name of progression and advancement for the Doatian people. And yet, under Loaz and Bernadino, who we have placated for far too long, we remain stagnant and weak. More and more fall into struggle and poverty. We are going backwards, and it is a result of a selfish, corrupt, and weakened leadership…including the EJP. While we’ve always stood for what is right, we hung onto the coattails of a party controlled by corporations and special interests. Only slightly better than the opposition. And I’m asked, why would you admit to this? Why would you air EJP’s dirty laundry? Because. Not only is it right, but it is a tiny step in the right direction. When will we have the backbone to restore integrity and honesty to Doa city? We all were sent here with a mandate, “to serve the people of Doatia to the best of our ability” and those committed to that oath must step up. The time for placation and obstruction, and excuses, has passed.” EJP has risen significantly in polls since her addressed was released, it has since gone viral. The largest boosts are amongst working class, middle class, college educated, indigenous, and young Doatians. The EJP, as of this moment, has risen to the 2nd most favored party, at 32% approval, after the CP’s 34% approval. The DN sits at 14% and PLP at 20%. Recardo concluded her address with “I have petitioned the Doatian Supreme Court to call for a federal referendum. Under the Doatian Constitution, in the case of an unfit Chancellor, any member may petition the court for a recall. The Chancellor’s….struggles are no secret and have caused big issues for the administration and for the work of the People’s Chamber for some time. Her very competence has come into question. It restricts her ability to properly lead. In order to invoke this section, I must also motion for a vote of no confidence against the Chancellor, which I will do this week. I also announce that the EJP will be contesting all seats in the People’s Chamber.” The unprecedented petition sets a specific order of events. In order for the court to consider her petition, Recardo must file a motion of no confidence against the Chancellor. Should she be removed, the Chamber will select a temporary Chancellor and a special national election will occur in 10 days and the Court will dismiss the petition. Should she remain, the court must petition the Institute of National Health Research in Doa City to admit the Chancellor, should she consent, to test her competency. If she doesn’t consent, the court must rule against her. If she fails the test, the court must rule against her (she could appeal). Should she pass the test, she remains Chancellor. This seems more like method to “expose” the Chancellor (and the PLP) to questions about her competence, rather than a path to a recall. Recardo could’ve easily just filed the motion of no confidence, which will likely pass anyways, which triggers a recall. The EJP wants to expose the Chancellor and the PLP to public scrutiny.
  6. Devasting Hurricane Dorothy ravages through southern immigrant-majority city of Hunaq. The Mayor of Hunaq has requested federal assistance. The Chancellor has not yet responded, despite the storm hitting nearly a week ago. The Crown has ordered supplies and personnel be sent to help set up clinics and shelters, as well assess the rebuilding of the community. The Crown has also sent food, water, clothes, and medical supplies. 17 casualties so far, and 342 people are still missing. Local and Federal law enforcement agencies are conducting searches of homes. Accessibility is limited, as the Regonoir dam gave way, and has caused significant flooding. 30% of the city, roughly 192 city blocks, have been wiped out.

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