Conservatives push to re-activate the death penalty for the leader of the Kaijan League.

Former leader of the Kaijan League, Akbar Querbun Liang whom was arrested in 2021 during a raid is being considered worthy of the death penalty. Liang is currently on trial in Kaijan City in preparation of the November 2020 Terror Attacks. Liang is being tried under the relatively new Anti-Terror Law. The law adds a charge for the act or intent of perpetrating terror. On top of this charge, he is being charged with kidnapping, destruction of public property, and unlawful use of police equipment. Liang who was a former police officer for the Kascan Township Police, possibly founded the Kaijan League as early as 2015. Liang has publically stated his frustration with central govermeant overreach and “the intentional destruction of Islam and traditional practices in Kaijan”.

A growing number of Conservative Party MPs has called for the death penalty to be re-activated. Cai Yusheng (Conservative-Halls) stated to Parliament, “Akbar Liang is someone who has committed so much atrocity and pain upon our nation, that we must use capital punishment to prevent him from never reentering society”. This statement was booed by some including conservative allies such as Zhang Santillian (New Conservative-West Xiang) “Taking the life of another, even one who has done so much evil if wrong, also what is stopping from big government bringing back the death penalty entirely”. Currently, a bill that would re-activate the death penalty, introduced by Eddie Chu (Conservative-Colorado) is sitting on the Parliamentary floor.

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