Zongongian Election: Coalition Talks Continue, No Clear Answer Yet

Multiple parties are in talks about forming a governing coalition following the hung parliament after Thursday’s election. No clear proposal has yet emerged from the talks, but journalists are keeping a keen eye on the comings and goings of party leaders out of each others’ offices.

Communist Party leader Anja Aalto was seen storming out of the office of Samuel Eliassen, the leader of Social Labour – allowing the door to slam hard behind her. If this is any indication, it seems unlikely that discussions on forming a left coalition are set to be successful. Eliassen has also been seen meeting with the leaders of the Centre Liberals and Republic Now!; suggesting that a possible centre-left coalition may still be among the possibilities.

Ivan Kristensen of Economic Focus has also been holding discussions with smaller parties, however. The Centre Liberals’ Edvard Tomasson is a popular figure, who has been spotted all across the office blocks for parliamentarians, seemingly in and out of back-to-back meetings with every other party; despite their fall from third place to seventh.

The pro-Kerlile gynarchist party, Women Rising, has stated that they will refuse to work with any party who does not support a review of the monarchy’s power and influence in the country. Women Rising have been among those calling for the abolition of the monarchy since Prince Kristofer was rumoured to be the father of the baby carried by Natasha Robinson – who fled Zongongia shortly after becoming pregnant. It is believed that the Royal Family attempted to coerce Robinson into remaining.

The Zongongian Gazette will keep monitoring the progress of coalition talks while they continue.

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