President Azim Shahid declares martial law in Mallacaland over Lauchenoirian invasion plans.

Today, after Xiomeran state media released documents planning an invasion of Mallacaland, President Azim Shahid declared an executive order suspending martial law and transferring power from local police to the military. Soon after tanks were spotted heading down the M-1 Highway to the Aredoan border, a location that had been outlined in the leaked documents. It’s estimated around 35,000 troops were activated nationwide to secure strategic locations, its also been reported that some local police have not cooperated with the executive order.

This recent development is the latest in a series of executive moves by President Shahid who since his election in July has been in contention with Prime Minister Ibrahim Kamza and the collation in Parliament. Currently, there are no Supreme Court justices after they were removed by President Shahid for “attempting to interfere in our elections” However because of the necessary 2/3rds needed to replace them any judicial challenge can not be completed. President Shahid has also constantly vetoed government bills creating a deadlock in governance until the new Supreme Court is approved. Many govermeant functions such as trash service, fire, and police that were already disrupted by the recent civil war have yet to continue in rural areas.

Protests have already begun outside the Lauchenorian embassy for the second time in 2 years, with police being ordered to not interfere. Already, some foreign shops have already been vandalized including the Laeralian-owned McHuenya’s Chicken in Mallaca City. Prime Minster Kamza has called for peace and “a diplomatic understanding between Lauchenoria and Mallacaland”

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