Greer Top of DLP’s Candidate List for By-Elections

Sanctus – It has been revealed that outgoing World Assembly Ambassador Dr. Bethany Greer is at the top of the Democratic Left Party’s candidate list in the two upcoming by-elections in Sanctus, causing some raised eyebrows at the inclusion of the diplomat who had previously expressed no desire to be involved in domestic politics.

The by-elections in Sanctus’ 2nd and 14th cantons are ran on list systems, as opposed to the first-past-the-post system held at a general election time, with voters asked to select the party they wish to fill the seats; vacancies of course having been caused by the resignations of former SCP leader and deputy leader, Kate Cruz and Noreen Islington, from the House of Deputies. The DLP’s list contains some city councillors, as well as local DLP activists, but their number one choice should they win at least one of the seats on offer is Dr. Greer.

Dr. Greer announced she would be resigning at the end of this month from her position of Ambassador to the World Assembly, with many speculating this early resignation must have been for a reason. The thought had been that she was lining up to replace Alexandra Maye, who has indicated she wishes to retire at the end of her second term as Director of the SIS in February 2024. The revelation that she will, based on polling most likely, enter domestic politics is a shock to many, including those that know her.

It is not the first time a World Assembly Ambassador will have returned to domestic politics. Her predecessor Dr. Katherine Saunders resigned her position to run for, and eventually win, the Sanctarian Presidency. Another predecessor, Nicholas Carson, is the inaugural Director of the Federal Intelligence Agency, and spent some time as Director-General of the Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Christian Ferguson, now Secretary-General of the Consortium, was previously Ombudsman.

Dr. Greer has not commented on the news that she is the DLP’s list of candidates, but a spokesperson for the party said that all candidates on the list had “agreed to be on it” and all were “eminently qualified to be members of the House”.

SOULLA WILDE, Political Correspondent

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