National Resettlement Program: 50 Years Later

In the aftermath of the Great War and the deaths of millions, the new government of Slokais Islands established a new land grant system, particularly from the former Daryan Empire, which would be able to move to Slokais Islands if they settled lands previously by the Reformist Grant System. These vast tracts had been leased to various companies by the Juan Costa regime, and since the dissolution of these areas, questions remained on how to use the land.

Although the Resettlement Program was approved by the National Constitutional Council in 1971, it took over two years for the first arrivals to reach Slokais. On November 3rd, 1973, the first boat of immigrants was primarily Andhran although included Maxmusian and Haesanites The ship named the SIS Silverado River included over 500 settlers who would occupy a number of un-used lots in the Silverado River Tract located about 20 miles upriver from Silverado City. Included in this collection of people from all different walks of life, with all different stories was one Simran Jopuri Khan.

Simran was of the Andhran ethnicity and had been living in a refugee camp since 1963 when a bombing raid displaced the Khan family. During his time in the refugee camp, Simran was separated from his parents by terrorist attacks moving in with a new family at the age of 10. For application purposes, Simran was marked as a biological part of his new family. To travel to Slokais, many traveled through the ruins of Darya eventually traveling by illegal boat into Libertas Ominus Maximus before arriving on the Silverado River.

Once embarked, Simran and his family moved into Lot 1138 located on 10th Mile Road. In total 7 people moved into what was essentially an empty lot as the original house had been burned during the Great War. In the 1975 Census, Lot 1138 was described as an occupied residence with 7 people with the ethnic group (Other)/(Non-Citizens). Once settled there, Simran changed his name to Sean and eventually became a citizen during his final year of high school.

From there Sean Khan would go on to Greywood Community College and eventually 18 years later the first Andhran-Slokasian President and the first born non-citizen. Shortly after his election, Khan was reunited with his biological parents who had been living in Andhrapaur. In 2013, Khan was present at the unveiling of a statue in Silverado City honoring those who had immigrated as part of the National Resettlement Program. To this day, a number of those families remain in the Silverado River Valley passing farms down generationally, in total around 25,000 people settled the tract with around 200,000 taking advantage of the National Resettlement Program.

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