Questions remain on the Casguian Bay explosion.

The SIS Casguian Bay, which exploded between South Kaijan and Dolphin Isle Provinces on December, continues to be disputed. So far, around 85 crewmembers have been confirmed dead by the Coast Guard with families being notified. Captain Elena Min, commander of the Casguian Bay has received many tributes from the public, with a makeshift memorial set up in Min’s hometown of Pinjiang. Those who have been rescued credit Captain Min for her decisive and quick action to save lives. The SIBI has taken over the investigation and has closed off the site of the ship and the area around it.

One of the most conflicted questions is what caused the explosion of the Casguian Bay, SIBI in its initial statements has stated the Kaijan League mercenaries intended to control the ship, and Captain Min intentionally destroyed the reactor to destroy the hijackers. However, the Kaijan League has denied responsibility stating that while they share the same disdain for the Coast Guard and the federal government they would not destroy a Coast Guard ship.

Just a few days ago, Sun News received a video taken by the would-be hijackers. The video seemed to be part of a larger music video being filmed, with dramatic shots of armed mercenaries coming aboard the Casguian Bay interspersed with clips of armed soldiers lining up. The weapons used and the attire have been linked by intelligence experts to those used in various attacks across Kaijan. Although the revelation should have allowed for simple confirmation, comments by Private Liam Sandmino, a survivor have questioned this. In an exclusive interview with the New Liverpool Times, Sandmino stated that the attack was a false-flag attack and evidence of such had been given to various officers by Captain Min herself to help future investigations. When asked about, who was behind the false flag, the Private said “I don’t know but the ship was called the Konarmaru, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, there is differently some sort of conspiracy to discredit the Kaijanese people”. Private Sandmino was soon slammed by political commentators as both lying and a Kaijanese-independence sympathizer. However, Sandmino does have the backing of one person, Spartacus Jones. Jones has called for an independent investigation “Because the SIBI has always tried to cover up and silence the voice of the people. I only listen to my heart and the twelve Luminaries”. Jones has become somewhat of a leader in a new movement of ecomically left-wing and religious-based thinkers, with his Revolt! Party polling as high as 15% nationwide.

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