Xiomeran Government Lifts Sanctions

The new contender for the Xiomeran throne, Calhualyana, announced today that her government will be unilaterally lifting sanctions against several nations imposed by her predecessor, the deposed Emperor Xochiuhue.

The self-declared Empress Calhualyana annouced that she has ordered the lifting of sanctions imposed on Laeral, Kerlile, Legionas, Eiria and Milintica after those countries imposed their own sanctions in the wake of the coup against the sitting Empress, Yauhmi, by Xochiuhue. There are no conditions being imposed by the Xiomerans, meaning that even if those countries keep their sanctions in place, Xiomera will still lift their retaliatory sanctions.

Calhualyana made her announcement at a factory in the city of Huaxtumba which had been under construction prior to sanctions. The tumbling Xiomeran economy post-sanctions had caused the factory construction to be halted, and the Empress used that as a backdrop to urge other nations “to end a self-destructive trade war which has only hurt the economies of the IDU, as well as everyday Xiomerans.”

“As a sign of good faith tied to our offer to open peace talks and negotiations on the future of Xiomera, we are taking this unilateral step to end our sanctions regime. This factory, which should be full of the everyday activity of workers, sits silent for no reason. Let’s get Xiomera working again, and let’s work together to end this unnecessary crisis for the benefit of all IDU economies and nations,” Calhualyana said in her press conference.

Speaking from their base in Chuaztlapoc, the rival government of Empress Yauhmi urged foreign governments “to not be misled by this putative gesture of goodwill by a ususper regime.”

“The usurper government is only taking this step to make themselves look good, and to try to resurrect the Xiomeran economy which they killed with their coup, and eliminate the pressure of sanctions and thus make it easier for them to stay in power. We urge the nations of the IDU to not be deceived,” a spokesperson for Yauhmi said.

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