Trial of former intelligence agent for attempting to murder three Councillors begins

The trial of Nelly Aurora, a former employee of the Kerlian Intelligence Service began today at the High Court in Grapevale. The former agent, who is of Huenyan ethnicity and uses the name “Zichitla”, is accused of attempting to murder Councillors Greenwood, Hale and Pierre, alongside Foreign Secretary Katrine Porter. The alleged incident took place on the 17th October this year in the Council Chambers building.

Zichitla, whose legal name in Kerlile is Nelly Aurora, denies all charges. Members of the public are not allowed inside the courtroom for reasons of national security, however a redacted transcript of the trial will be made publicly available following the conclusion. It is expected that the trial will last multiple weeks. A leaked video has been circulating on the internet in Kerlile which shows Zichitla pointing a gun at Councillor Hale. It is unknown if this video is real or fake.

Councillors Pierre and Hale will appear in court as witnesses for the prosecution, however Councillor Greenwood has refused to appear and has stated publicly that she believes Zichitla to be innocent. This split in the Council has led to animosity between Councillors on social media, however has had no effect on legislative matters as inter-Councillor disputes often have in the past.

If convicted, Zichitla will face the possibility of the death penalty or life imprisonment. The 23-year-old was pictured outside the High Court today bearing a bruise on her face and glancing around as if searching for someone. Speculation over the cause of the bruise quickly began, however a statement from President Arnott’s government informed Kerlians that a prison guard was arrested late last night for breaking the Prohibition of Torture Act (2019).

The former agent was serving as an adviser to the Committee on Xiomera, a Council-Parliament joint committee dedicated to researching and providing recommendations to the Kerlian government on the situation in Xiomera following the coup, when the incident occurred. It is believed that Zichitla objected to a decision to seek peace in the Huenyan region and wished to continue the war. The trial is expected to finish by the new year.

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