Shuell, Xiomera strike trade deal

The governments of Shuell and Xiomera have announced a joint trade deal, in a move that is expected to cause concern among other governments in the wake of the crisis in Auria.

In a press conference, the Xiomeran Ministry of Trade stated that the deal “would be mutually beneficial and productive for both nations”. Trade Minister Cuālincōcatle stated that the deal would involve mutual lowering of tariffs and taxes on trade, as well as expansion of current trade between the two nations.

As part of the deal, Xiomera will provide agricultural products, produce and food products to Shuell, and also partner with Shuellian firms such as Agri-Grow to develop genetically modified crops suitable for Shuell. In return, Shuell will provide oil and petroleum products to Xiomera, as well as ores and raw minerals needed for Xiomera’s industries.

The two countries also announced that they will lower restrictions on both emigration and general travel between their respective states, which is widely expected to increase revenue from both tourism and mutual investment. Xiomera and Shuell will also now allow, on a case-by-case basis, for mercenary firms to recruit and operate within each others’ borders.

In the final piece of the agreement, the countries have agreed to allow joint ventures between Shuellian and Xiomeran corporations to partner with each other in their respective markets to offer products and services.

“This trade deal shows that, despite the challenges we face, the Imperial government, the Throne and the XCP will continue to work for the benefit of the Xiomeran people and grow mutually beneficial friendships on the international stage,” a press release from the Palace of Flowers said. The statement also praised the Shuellian government for its willingness to work with Xiomera “on matters of mutual interest and vision.”

Shuellian officials were equally enthusiastic about the deal. “The Incorporated States of Shuell are hopeful that this will be the start of a fruitful relationship with Xiomera, and we trust that this feeling is reciprocated among our peers in the [Empire],” Bernd Klein, Director of Trade, told the media.

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