Greer Nominated as Sanctarian WA Ambassador

Sanctus – Secretary for Foreign Affairs Brian Young today confirmed that the government would be proceeding with the nomination of Deputy WA Ambassador Dr. Bethany Greer to be the next Ambassador to the World Assembly. Dr. Greer, a career diplomat who previously served as Sanctarian Ambassador to Lauchenoiria, has been acting as Ambassador since the resignation of Dr. Katherine Saunders yesterday evening.

Dr. Greer has a PhD in International Law from the Sanctus Academy of Law and has worked in the diplomatic corps for 35 years. She has been Deputy WA Ambassador since July 2019. Shortly after Secretary Young’s confirmation that Dr. Greer would be nominated, both the Green Party and the Sanctarian Conservative Party indicated their approval for the diplomat, all be guaranteeing her confirmation in the Senate.

The Senate’s World Assembly Affairs Select Committee will interview Dr. Greer on Friday, a spokesman for the committee has said, with anticipation that the full Senate will vote on her nomination by mid of next-week. Dr Greer will continue in her role as Deputy Ambassador, and by virtue of that position acting Ambassador, and will appear before the select committee virtually via video-teleconference from the Sanctarian delegation’s offices in the World Assembly Headquarters.

It is understood that Dr. Greer was, along with some government ministers, privy in advance to Dr. Saunders surprise resignation yesterday evening, and had already been approached by the Department of Foreign Affairs to replace the outgoing Ambassador.

KIM TOWERS, World Assembly Correspondent

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