Stendē Elected Chancellor, Unity Alliance Forms Ruling Coalition

As the Eirian Elections wound down yesterday, a clear leader emerged in the Chancellor Election: Leah Stendē and Lynn Morrin. Earning 60.76% of the vote, Chancellor-Elect Stendē is now set to take Eiria’s highest office on February sixth. François Vihrovs and Arthur Miezis had the second most votes, taking 21.27% of the vote. The Ronis-Lefevre ticket took third place, with 17.96% of voters voting for their “Rising Liberty” alliance. In total, 67.9% of eligible voters submitted their ballots, which is up from 65.3% in the 2020 national election.

Outgoing Chancellor Lancaster congratulated his former Vice-Chancellor on her victory during a press conference this morning. “I am incredibly grateful to have worked with these amazing women, and I have no doubts that Eiria will be in good hands during their administration. Congratulations to Chancellor-Elect Stendē and Vice Chancellor-Elect Morrin. I wish them the best during their time in office.”

Chancellor-elect Stendē thanked voters for their support during a televised press conference this morning. “It’s truly an honor to be chosen for this momentous position. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us along the way, from voters, to donators, to our endorsers. Your combined help gave us the momentum that we needed to win, to lead our country forward into a new era of prosperity and development.”

Moving away from the executive election, the Senate Elections weren’t as varied as some experts had speculated. The Formido Party and the New Progressives took the heaviest losses, losing five and four seats respectively. The United Centrists, Socialists for Eiria, and Allied Moderate Rights made the strongest gains, all gaining three seats compared to previous seat distributions. 

These trends reflect a recent trend away from historical “leadership” parties towards smaller, recently formed parties. Both of the parties that lost the most seats had led their big tent party before the 2020 Press Bribery scandal, signaling the effects the scandal had on the Formido and Progressive factions. 

Outgoing Chancellor Lancaster was also elected to his previous seat in Nordjūra’s Third Kortair, marking only the second time in Eirian History a politician has been Elected to the Senate directly after serving as Chancellor (The first one being Mirdza Gotovska, who was elected to the Senate in 1880). He was the candidate most voted for on his party’s list, demonstrating the effectiveness of his popularity and name recognition. He is expected to serve a crucial role in maintaining the Unity Alliance Coalition as they face their first complete term in power. 

Even though the Unity Alliance (Previously the Serso Coalition) has maintained their majority status in the Senate as well as the Chancellor’s seat, all Cabinet Ministers have submitted their resignation letters for the new term, as is Eirian political custom. According to some political experts, it’s likely that a good portion of them will be reappointed to their posts as the new term starts. “The biannual Minister résignatioations are a longstanding tradition, having taken place since the 1882 Election. It’s a courtesy and a sign of respect to the Chancellor, especially if a Chancellor is reelected. Historically, many ministers have been reinstated to their positions if the ruling coalition is still in power” Doctor Henri Rostan, Political Science Professor at Jūrakal University, tells ENN’s affiliate in Atlantis. “Since the Unity Alliance is a rather new coalition, and was only partially established during the 2020 term, I don’t think we will see many major shifts in the cabinet, but there will likely be sizable movement in lower administration, party administration, and committee assignments.”

Another change in the administration is the addition of a new Cabinet position: Minister of the Caxcanan Union. This new position will be in charge of the development of the administrative elements of the Union of Caxcanan states from the Eirian perspective.  They will also serve as the Head Ambassador to the CU, and work closely with foreign leaders to strengthen regional ties as the CU alliance is expanded. It’s not clear yet who is in contention for this new seat, and as it is a new position, there is no clear precedent for qualifications.

More information on Cabinet nominees will be published as it becomes available.

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