The Queen of Conservatism: Brooke Weasley

Born, Brooke Lynn Weasley, on March 29th, 1949. Weasley grew up in rural West Acadia Province to a family of lawyers. In 1972, she graduated from UNL with a degree in law, she joined the bar association in 1974. Throughout the 1980s she was a key lawyer is various high-profile cases such as Kingsley vs Colorado Province, where the Supreme Court ruled that businesses could discriminate against people in same-sex relationships.

n the 1990s, Brooke Weasley won the 1994 Election by shifting the Conservative Party right, away from the pro-business, liberal Pablo Smith towards a populist, evangelical brand of Conservative. She was one of the first to take social issues such as immigration and same-sex marriage and use that to stand out from others. She defeated incumbent Pablo Smith in the primary before winning the general election with 42.8% in the first round and 56.2% in the second defeating Leon Moore of the Left Party and Pablo Smith, running as Independent. During her presidency, she became hated by many on the left for ending many federal programs in favor of private ones. In the aftermath of the 1996 Financial Panic, she bailed out large banks, this turned many suburban voters against her, leading to a closer 1998 Election with 30.5% and 52% respectively. 

The 2000 Elections were the most polarizing in history. It took three rounds of voting to reach a majority, partly due that not formed electoral agreements. The Slokais Islands Board of Elections went through a nationwide recount and Sean Khan of the Green Party actually gained a few thousand votes. In fact, the commission moved the transition of power until Feb 2nd, this caused more issues as some sued the Weasley Administration for counting to carry out actions past January 3rd, 2001. In the end, the Board of Elections announced that Sean Khan had won by 17,288 votes. This sparked protest by some who said there should be a new election, the House passed a motion to do this but the Supreme Court struck this down. Sean Khan was sworn in on February 3nd, 2001, meaning that for 23 hours no one was President of Slokais Islands, technically it was Gilbert Zhou the PM, but since he never was sworn in, it was empty. It was a Friday so for most of this period no one in the government was working and bodies operated themselves. Before Sean Khan took office there was a plot by the far-right group, Brotherhood of Slokais though they failed and Sean Khan became the first Green Party and the first President not from the so-called “3 racial groups” and the first Andhran and the first who did not go to a college within the UNL system. 

Weasley meanwhile, disappeared from public consciousness until 2012 when she formed the Conservative Action Organization, CAO became the largest right-wing think tank funding the campaigns of various Conservative Party candidates. In 2021, Weasley announced that she would run if there was an election. Running against another former President George Oliver she won by gaining the support of powerful Conservative Party members. 

For the 2022 Election, she is currently polling in second place behind Joseph Chavez. Despite being the oldest major candidate at 75 she is only the latest former President to throw their hat in the ring, in fact, she is the 4th in this election alone.

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