Ringrose Elected Next DLP Leader

Sanctus – Sanctus City Councillor Ethan Ringrose was selected by the Democratic Left Party yesterday evening to be their next leader, edging out competitor Culture Secretary Amanda Thomas to the top spot. Ringrose won 58% of all votes cast. It is the first time the leader of the DLP has not already been a member of the House of Deputies; Ringrose has already been selected to contest the new Sanctus 3rd Canton, a seat which forecasters believe on demographics to be a safe DLP seat.

In his victory speech, Ringrose thanks his family for their support, and for this campaign team for their loyalty and hard work. He also announced that Nicola Allman would be his Deputy Leader, and thanked her and her supporters for switching to him to ensure his election. After thanking his own supporters for their votes, Ringrose switched into general election mode, detailing how what the DLP manifesto under his leadership would look like. Thomas gave a small concession speech where she said every needed to unite under the new leader, but the disappointment was very evident on her face, and it was clear her heart really wasn’t in the speech either.

Ringrose’s election will also make the Sanctarian Conservative Party’s general election campaign a little harder. Though it’s expected they will attack his inexperience, they were hoping the DLP would have selected the hard left Thomas, which would have handed the SCP a great advantage going into the December 10th contest.

While Ringrose assumes the DLP leadership immediately, Chancellor Charlene Hendry will remain in post until the House is dissolved next week. The House of Deputies, significantly smaller, will sit again on December 14th to elect a new Chancellor which the DLP are now hoping will be Ethan Ringrose of Sanctus.

JOEY SESSIONS, Political Editor

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