Brooke Weasley Declared President

In a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Slokais Islands, Brooke Weasley has been declared the winner after 8,634 ballots that had been declared invalid were declared valid, based on an internal report by the Slokais Islands Board of Elections, a government agency tasked with managing elections across Slokais Islands. In their statement, the Supreme Court stated “It was clear that 8,634 of the previously declared invalid ballots should be accepted as valid, based on errors on the part of the SIBC. And that although many of these ballots favored, Former President Weasley, this decision was made without any regard for any member’s past experiences or opinions of the Former President.” After the decision was released the new President-elect gave a victory speech at her campaign headquarters. During her speech she thanked her supporters and the “work of the SIBC to ensure that every vote counted”. She also outlined her executive priorities. “We shall return to an era of economic and political stability, without the need for burdensome tax and regulation, where business and consumers can thrive”.

Although it looks like a parliamentary majority led by the Conservatives, will not happen, making the confirmation of her vice-presidential pick difficult, Weasley promises “swift changes and delivery of campaign promises”. Her term begins on January 4th, while the legislative term begins on January 15th.

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