Greater Acadia Condemns Xiomeran Annexation

Federation City, Greater Acadia – The Acadian Federal Government has passed a resolution condemning the unilateral annexation of Huenyan territory by the Empire of Xiomera. The breakaway region, which has been the scene of continuous fighting between breakaway paramilitary forces, supported by Xiomeran assets, and the Huenyan Armed Forces, was recently annexed by the Xiomeran government. This move sparked anger within the Acadian parliament from both sides of the aisle. In a rare showing, both Prime Minister Gargant and Representative Glebes made a joint motion to table a formal condemnation of Xiomera’s annexation of the region. This motion would pass with a large, non-partisan majority.

“Xiomera’s actions are in direct contradiction of the Jinyu agreement, signed by Xiomera, which protected the territorial integrity and statehood of those nations released by the Empire.” Said Prime Minister Gragant, preceding the motion to condemn Xiomera’s actions. “As such, it sends a clear signal that previous treaties are considered null and void by the Xiomeran government. All of Xiomera’s neighbours are now at risk of further aggression from the Calhualyana regime. Therefore, Acadia announces this declaration that we shall stand by our partners in Caxcana and provide assistance in securing their borders.”

The Prime Minister also added comments regarding the fishing vessels seized by Xiomera within Manabi territorial waters. “What is clear, is that Xiomera does not consider the territories of sovereign nations as separate. Rather, former nations of the Empire are considered Xiomeran territory, first and foremost. This is a clear violation of international law and national security. Rest assured, we are in close discussion with our counterparts in Manabi Rive to assist them however we can.”

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