Zongongian and Eirian Universities to Cooperate on Ethical AI Project

Serenity University in Eiria, and Rockvale University in Zongongia, are set to embark on a new joint research project into the creation of ethical artificial intelligence systems. The project aims to embed ethics in computer science in every stage of research and development, in order to create trustworthy and fair results. The project will primarily take place in the computer science departments of the respective universities; however several academics in the field of ethics will also be involved.

Dr. James Auninš, Head of the Computer Science Department at Serenity University told press: “This cooperation is a major step in incorporating morality into computer science. We could not be more happy to work closely with our Zongongian colleagues in order to allow the world to actually trust the AI it uses everyday. This program is one incredible step in the right direction towards a brighter future of computer science.”

The field of artificial intelligence has often come under criticism due to ethical concerns; this project aims to tackle such criticism head-on by incorporating ethics as a key, non-negotiable part of AI development projects. The project’s architects also envisage the cooperation encouraging other nations and universities to place a greater focus on ethics in their own artificial intelligence research.

The Department of Philosophy and Ethics at Rockvale University has appointed Dr Elias Alfredsson as their primary liaison with the project. Dr Alfredsson told press: “so many developments in computer science have been given the green light despite serious concerns over their impact. From facial recognition software trained on people of solely one ethnicity, to surveillance-based social media algorithms; too often computers have been used for wrong. This project aims to change that by focusing on the full range of effects new developments can cause.”

Research is set to begin immediately at both universities; with the possibility of broadening both the scope and the number of participants in the project in the near future, if it is initially successful.

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