The PNDS separates from Roucourt

The People’s and Nations Defense Squadron have separated from Roucourt, divisions have been preparing for this moment since the General Secretary of the State, Svetlana Leclerc had her mental break two weeks ago. General Dubrevsky Yelisey of the PNDS has stated that any attack on the now independent country will result in war, while also posturing that local army and national guard units in the surrounding cities surrender themselves to the PNDS. While the PNDS division already have begun to round up National People’s Militia members, and other people they deem to be “weak”.

The National People’s Militia has responded by mobilizing units in the PNDA’s area of control, with multiple cities already under siege by the PNDS. The PNDS has also started an indiscriminate bombing in the city of Shchyotamak, where several units still loyal to Svetlana guard the city.
The General Secretary of the State Guard commander, Volodin Maximovich, gave out the order to any soldier still loyal to the state to relocate to the capital. The commander also stated that any traitors to the state will be punished severely.

It seems the situation keeps getting worse in Roucourt with everything that could go wrong, is not only wrong but somehow worse.

Helene Ælfflæd-Kapua – East Caxcana Correspondent

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