Acadia to Remove Sanctions on Kerlile for Guarantees

Federation City, Greater Acadia – As of 9:00am this morning, the Parliament of Greater Acadia has passed a bill that would reverse nearly three decades of sanctions on the Kerlian state. Announced as part of the aftermath of the South Acadian War, these sanctions covered everything from technology, to raw resources, to cleaning products flowing to and from the Matriarchy of Kerlile. This was meant to counter efforts of the Gynocratic state from influencing Acadian politics, which was widely blamed for starting the war in the first place.

However, in a bill championed by Director of Foreign Affairs Christine Belle, Acadia is set to reverse course on these sanctions after twenty-six years. Having reportedly secured assurances from Kerlian President Rebecca Arnott, Bill A116 is meant to remove all current sanctions on Kerlile. This, however, is conditional on the Matriarchy refraining from engaging in agressive intervention in foreign states, particularly its leaders. The A116 does make provisions, however, to reactivate these sanctions should Kerlile renege on its agreement.

Passing the House and Council by confortable majorities in both cases, Bill A116 is to take effect on June 6th. Many within the Social Democratic party have celebrated the passage, with Christine Belle herself commenting: “We have taken the first concrete steps to smoothing over relations with our neighbours and securing lasting peace in our corner of the globe. We hope that by acting cooperatively rather than adversarially we can avoid future problems as present by the recent missile crisis.”

However, not all were so quick to laud A116’s passage, with Michael Scott, leader of the fringe True Acadia party stating: “I feel like Foreign Director Belle has forgotten her own struggles with the Matriarchy. Has she forgotten that Kerlile’s influence was responsible for the war that killed her family? If anything, given the Feminist State’s recent actions, we should instead be clamping down further on Kerlile and their influence. All this teaches them is that by bullying us and others they get what they want. Frankly, Director Belle should be ashamed for getting this passed. She spits on the names of all those who died in the Feminist War.

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