Doatian Election Results

*election updates below*

The day began with national news agencies sharing the results of the early vote counting which concluded yesterday evening. It spelled out a good day for two parties in general, the CP and DN.

With polling indicating that the EJP-PLP coalition still has a damaged reputation, which goes back to the recession Doatia is still recovering from of several years ago, to the energy crisis, the ongoing Migrant crisis, to the terrorist attack on the capitol over a decade ago. Conservative elements have worked hard to label the coalition as “weak on national security, greedy with Doatian tax dollars, corrupt, and disorganized”. Recent votes in the People’s Chamber confirms the last point, as the EJP-PLP has been acting less of a coalition and more as two separate parties. And recent ongoing DIA investigations into the PLP have resulted in 2 indictments.

This is despite calls from within both parties for a merger between the two, which is mainly a method of responding to recent CP gains.

The Doatian Nationalists (DN) have a monopoly on the nationalist electorate, and are gaining in both religious and wealthy communities. Polling has indicated that the DN will gain at least 17 seats (EJP-PLP -17) this cycle, a huge gain for a party voters are only just now getting acquainted with.

Early vote counts have also been a victory for the CP, with polling indicating an expected gain of 13 seats (EJP-PLP -13)

Polling estimates net gain/loss: DN – +17/ EJP-PLP -30/ CP +13

UPDATE 7:30pm

With polling precincts over 30mins ago, and here are ongoing results – EJP-PLP -6 / DN +2 / CP +4

*additional updates below*

Must watch races:

Hunaq-7: the usually reliable EJP safehaven is turning out to be a tight race, with the DN candidate chipping away at the incumbent EJP candidate

Elzira-4: incumbent Sheila Worski (PLP) is currently trailing CP candidate Carla Pisili

Greensville-2: EJP incumbent Prince Stevens is currently trailing the CP candidate

Huntsville-1: EJP incumbent is trailing the DN candidate, and chair of the party, Dontae Rose

Further look: The restoration of the wealthy class is a direct result of the last general elections. During EJP-PLP’s reign, the wealthy class became obsolete. By 2014, there were no more Billionaires in Doatia. By 2018, there were no more Millionaires. Millions of wealthier citizens lost their wealth through wealth-gap reparations and increased taxation. But when the CP took power and started cutting taxes and deregulating sectors of the economy and Chancellor Loaz refusing to enforce the standing income tax for the last year (the legality of which is currently being evaluated by the Supreme Court), it enabled former powers, like Christine and Antoinette Chan, married real estate models, to regain some recently lost wealth.

The Chan family is a legacy family of Doatia, with Christine’s ancestors being among the original refugees to found the nation. Her great-5x grandmother, Hustina Chan founded Chan Legacy (Cuhg-Ji-Nasei in Doatian), originally a spiritual spa and resort which utilized ancient Koliki (one of the original Doatian faiths) relaxation and enlightenment methods. Hustina’s son, Christine’s great-4x grandfather Gegin Lemark, taking his wife’s last name as customary in Doatian culture, expanded the company by constructing permanent apartments on resort property, and charging a weekly fee.

A practice he was taught by studying abroad in his teens in Hesperida, Gegin is credited with introducing renting to Doatians. Before, to live on someone else’s property Doatians would trade resources or labor.

Genin’s two-spirited child Domïniç, who reclaimed the family last name after their father’s passing, transformed the Chan brand by purchasing land at cheap prices during the great recession of 1817, and expanding the rent concept. At their peak, Chan Legacy owned over 1 Billion properties across Doatia, making them the largest land owner, next to the government. Before the EJP-PLP coalition took power in the 1970’s, Chan Legacy was worth 700 Billion Doa, making it also Doatia’s wealthiest company. The Chan family benefited greatly from this wealth, owning multiple estates and stocks in other companies.

Then came the nationalization of manufacturing, utilities, telecoms, agriculture, healthcare, education and transportation. Land still being a mainly free market.

About a decade into the EJP-PLP Chamber majority, they passed the Land Act, which increased property taxes and established much stronger regulations in the industry. Then, they passed the anti-monopoly act in the mid 1980’s, after the company that owned a majority of the transportation industry was investigated for not following newly-implemented minimum wage laws (after other violations and crises with other players the industry was soon nationalized). The law, established the Private-entity Regulation Agency (PRA) to investigate and breakup industry monopolies. A few months later, it broke the company up, restricting the Chan family from ownership of the company to the southeastern section of the nation. Company assets in the southwest, northwest, and northeast had to be sold to other entities or to the government for a premium, as there was a housing shortage at the time.

The company’s worth declined from 700 Doa to 230 Doa over 2 decades. Furthermore, the family lost over 70% of it’s wealth between then and now, as many other industries collapsed or were nationalized. They lost property too. The Estate Act of 1990 prohibited an individual from personally owning more than one estate and a family from owning more than 3. An estate being defined as a house with more than 6 bedrooms, and/or over various specific land measurement restrictions. The inheritance tax of 1995 took even more wealth from the family when then-family patriarch, Albert Chan, Christine’s grandfather, passed away.

Today, the family only owns 26% of the wealth they once had, but things have been going good for them. The corporate tax reduction enabled Chan Legacy to make major investments in the recently re-privatized manufacturing industry. Their family wealth has increased 7% the last two years.

The CP and DN have both campaigned on repealing the income tax, which requires a 60% vote. The CP also wishes to repeal the anti-monopoly act and subsequently the PRA. Policy positions like these have encouraged families like the Chan’s, both less and more wealthy, to contribute to, vote for and support either party; or in Christine and Antoinette Chan’s case, both parties.

Even families with a much more modest wealth are shifting towards the CP. Recent economic turmoil have raised concerns regarding homeownership and mortgages, jobs and wages, and overall concerns on economic stability have persuaded many middle class families to shift support to more conservative, and capitalist, elements.

The working class and large pieces of the middle class remain loyal the EJP and/or PLP, but their historic advantage is slipping. Recent polling indicated 42% of the middle class leaning EJP-PLP, 38% leaning CP-DN, with 20% undecided.


Final results

CP -20 (332)

DN +28 (28)

EJP-PLP -8 (340 – 150/190)

With no party winning a majority, the Chamber will be in-session until they can decide on a coalition or minority government. They will be seated by the Queen, who arrived a few minutes ago.

Update 9pm:

Queen Aiyisha seated the chamber moments ago, the ceremony which swears in representatives, is the first step of a new Chamber. Next being the setup of government.

Update 9:30pm:

Party leaders address the chamber, beginning the process of setting up a government. Chancellor Loaz presides over the sessions and will also deliver an address as leader of her party. The vote for Chancellor will be the first step in setting up a new administration.

CP Chair Rebecca Loaz – “While the CP may have lost our majority, we are still as committed as ever to our agenda. It’s clear, both through our own support within the electorate and the support of the Doatian Nationalists, that conservatism and capitalism are making a triumphant return!” She said to applause from CP and DN members in the Chamber. “The CP proposes a coalition government with the DN. To continue to pursue economic prosperity and stability, security, and the rule of law, especially in regards to integrity of our border and the ongoing Migrant crisis. The EJP-PLP may prefer handouts, welfare, and rampant taxation; but we see a Doatia which is free, prosperous, and stable.”

She concluded her address and welcomed Dontae Rose, chair of the DN to the podium.

Dontae Rose, seen speaking to conservative members of the PLP and members of the CP, rises from his seat and approached the podium.

Dontae Rose – “While we appreciate the kind words for Chancellor Loaz, we decline the invitation to join the CP in a coalition government. Our agenda is simple, which is why we’ve gained voter’s confidence. A simple agenda is a successful one, and does not need to be distracted or disrupted by CP politics. We pursue justice, security, and stability at our border. The end of the government stealing the income of the people. And the preservation of the traditional Doatian family.”

He concluded his statement and welcomed EJP leader Shuri Recardo, who was already in the wings awaiting his departure

Shuri Recardo – “Traditional Doatian family? Nothing is more of a Doatian tradition than love, acceptance, and tolerance. Something the Donation Nationalists know nothing about. And nationalism? Really?! Doatia is part of an international community and is home to thousands of different kinds of people and cultures. There is no superior race or nation in the IDU. We are committed to justice in all forms, whether via reparations, an issue our party has been committed to fighting for. It is also essential that we restore the minimum wage, better regulate our economy, and ensure people have a say in how the industries they are employed in operate. The EJP intends to continue our coalition with the PLP and for a minority government.”

Recardo concluded by welcoming EJP-PLP Coalition co-chair, Cori Bernadino, who was waiting in the wings.

Cori Bernadino – “We concur with the EJP, and will be pursuing a mixed economy, with free-market and socialist aspects. Certain services must remain under public domain for the benefit of the nation. However, as evident with the collapse of the utility industry a few years ago, some industries operate better under a free market. We will also be seeking to continue the EJP-PLP coalition, and forming a minority government”

After several failed votes to seat a Chancellor and government, with no party or coalition obtaining a majority it became abundantly clear that a majority government could not be formed, Queen Aiyisha addressed the Chamber.

“In accordance with Doatian laws and customs, I hereby authorize the People’s Chamber to seat a minority government, until either another election is called or a majority coalition is formed. Voting shall commence immediately”

Voting began at 11:30pm.


EJP-PLP Coalition minority government: 340

CP minority government: 339

DN minority government: 21

The Queen swore in the new Chancellor, Cori Bernadino around midnight. Chancellor Bernadino nominated the following members to serve in her cabinet and released policy priorities:

EJP Chair Shuri Recardo – Vice Chancellor

  • setup an anti-corruption taskforce, in coordination with the DIA and Ministry of Law and Order

PLP Vice Chair Syr Justine – Speaker

  • develop a legislative strategy for the Free Market regulation Act, Reparations negotiations, and the upcoming budget allocation process

EJP member Jacquelynn Wilson – Minister of Defense

  • establish 2 new foreign military bases, construct 3 new aircraft carriers, develop a new fleet of fighter jets, and renovate domestic military assets

PLP member Hernandez Lemarcus – Ministry of Homeland Security

  • Secure the Doatian border to prevent smuggling and trafficking, and grant all border patrol agents a minimum 15% raise

PLP member Demetrius Clark – Director of Migrant Support Services

  • construct a new refugee processing center, update the pathway to citizenship, construct 100,000 new refugee housing units over 5 years, renovate existing MSS assets, increase MSS staff by 20% and grant all MSS workers a minimum 15% raise

PLP member Nicholas Michigi – Minister of Foreign Relations

  • have Doatia join LIDUN, renovate all existing embassies, and grant all diplomats a 10% raise

EJP member Clarence Ilum – Minister of Domestic Affairs

  • expand all reservoirs and national parks by 10%, grant all public park employees a 10% raise, invest in a national recycling program, restore the carbon tax, ban fracking and pass a new Equal Rights Act to respond to the recent rise in nationalism, hate crimes, and race-based tension. Invest in electric vehicles and “green factories”.

EJP member Rose Langstaff – Minister of Education

  • Renovate all existing public schools, make community college free, and all college debt free. Grant all teachers a 20% raise

EJP member Kimberly Tausz – Minister of Humanities

  • increase the healthcare payroll tax from 12% to 13.5%, renovate all existing hospitals and clinics, construct new hospitals in rural areas to increase converge by 25%, grant all doctors and nurses a 10% raise by passing a nurse and doctor minimum wages. Increase eligibility for food assistance and increase the average monthly benefit from 300 Doa per resident to 350 Doa and index to inflation. Invest 700 Billion Doa in affordable housing, increase eligibility of affordable housing, construct 10 new homeless shelters in low-income areas and expand rent control.

PLP member Evan Buck – Minister of Labor and Workforce

  • raise the federal minimum wage, set a new minimum wage for teachers, doctors, nurses, and factory works. Mandate hazard pay for workers in dangerous jobs. And prohibit companies from banning unionization.

EJP member Marianna Foster – Minister of Science and Technology

  • Launch a Doatian satellite to orbit the planet, sent a rover to other planets in the solar system, develop cures for cancer and AIDS, and regulate the immersive AI industry

PLP member Callie Adams – Minister of Law and Order

  • give all police officers a 10% raise, give all public defender’s a 20% raise, increase the number of public defender’s by 35%, and encourage juries and judges to utilize restorative justice in civil and criminal cases. Ban traffic pursuits and warrantless house search’s unless a violent crime has been committed. Ban chokeholds and other restrains which restrict breathability

By a vote of 340 ayes and 360 abstains, the government was seated around 12am June 12th.

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