Rosa Chapman Wins Majority in Presidential Runoff

Newly elected President Rosa Chapman gives her victory speech at the Ambassador Conference & Expo Centre. Photograph: Liam Phillips/Osternburg Tribune

Former Senator makes shock announcement in victory speech vowing to investigate predecessor

Osternburg – Senator Rosa Chapman has been voted in as the next President of Gesthenia winning the second round of voting with a majority of 63%, against her opponent, the incumbent President Anthony Malvern who recieved 37% of votes cast.

In her victory speech in front of a large crowd at the Ambassador Conference & Expo Centre, Ms. Chapman vowed to work “for the many, not the few”, promising to implement a series of comprehensive social and legistlative reforms reaffirming some of her core campaign pledges.

Chapman, 47, a former lawyer, has been a member of the Senate since 2016. Over the course of her time as a Senator she has gained a reputation as an outspoken critic of Anthony Malvern and his National Unity party. Her victory comes amidst continuing fallout from revelations and accusations of scandal and corruption surrounding Malvern and his administration.

While seen by many in the country as a fearless anti-corruption crusader, her shock announcement during her speech to form a Judicial Commission to formally investigate allegations of wrong-doing by Malvern and members of his government whilst in office has stunned people.

Sources from within the National Unity party have criticised her decision as “more woke left-wing posturing” and have said that this “will cause more nationwide division at a time when people should be coming together”.

However, members of Ms. Chapman’s Democratic Liberal Party as well as members of other opposition parties have voiced their support.

Leader of the Gesthenian Worker’s Party, Arthur Skinner said, “It doesn’t matter if you are a President or a pick-pocket, criminality cannot and must not go unpunished in today’s modern society. The people of Gesthenia deserve to see that those in power are just as accountable and can face justice”.

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