Pierre Daughter Arrested in Eiria for Trying to Speak with Own Sister

Councillor Pauline Pierre’s third daughter, Gabrielle, was arrested in Eiria earlier today for alleged “trespassing” while attempting to speak with her sister Camille. Camille Pierre, 13, has been living in Eiria for several months with the Robinson family after fleeing Zongongia with the family due to fears that Natasha Robinson would be forced to marry against her will. At this time, Natasha Robinson had been granted temporary custody of Camille by the Council of Kerlile due to unknown internal reasons.

Gabrielle travelled to Eiria in order to speak with Camille and check on her welfare. Sources say she was met at the door to the Robinson household by Natasha Robinson, who invited Gabrielle inside. Shortly after, however, agents from the Eirian Intelligence and Counterintelligence Association (EICA), burst through the door and arrested Gabrielle for alleged “trespassing”, taking her to the local police station where she remains in custody.

Councillor Pierre spoke with the Kerlian News Service after receiving the news. “I am truly shocked that Eiria has prevented Gabrielle from speaking with Camille. I did not expect that in a country such as Eiria, someone would be forbidden from speaking with their own family in this way. I urge Eiria to release my daughter – both of my daughters – and allow them to return home. It is truly shocking that a country which claims to stand for rights and freedom would lock up someone for daring to care about her sister.”

The Council of Kerlile has issued an emergency travel advisory, urging all Kerlian citizens to avoid all travel to Eiria, on the grounds that their “safety cannot be guaranteed”. Since May, Eiria and Kerlile have lacked formal diplomatic relations after Chancellor StendÄ“ closed Eiria’s embassy with Kerlile; meaning Kerlians in Eiria have little access to consular assistance – especially since no other country allied with Kerlile has an ambassador in Geminus either. The Council fears that this, combined with Gabrielle’s arrest, is a sign that Eiria is taking advantage of the situation, allowing indiscriminate arrests of Kerlians.

The Council has since rescinded the custody order regarding Camille Pierre, and has requested that Camille be returned to her own family by the Eirian authorities. No response has yet been received from Eiria.

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