Aredoa to Overhaul Air Force with A₱18.3 Billion Investment in Haesanite Aircraft

In what is the nation’s largest military expansion in the 21st century, Aredoa is to invest A₱18.3 billion (S£12.6 billion) in procuring cutting-edge aircraft from Haesanite aviation companies.

Gwangbok Aviation, which recently provided Huenya with aircraft at the behest of the Haesanite government, is to receive the largest portion of the funds, with an agreement to produce a range of new aircraft including the F-55 ‘Guardian’ stealth fighter and the RC-18 ‘Stormbreaker’ high-speed reconnaissance jet. But the diverse multi-year investment will also see contracts handed to a number of smaller and up-and-coming firms. Specialist firms such as Eunnalgae and Balhwa Aerospace will be producing equipment including helicopters, UAVs and anti-aircraft weaponry.

The investment represents a deepening security partnership between Aredoa and Haesan, which has rapidly strengthened since the establishment of a Haesanite overseas military base in Aredoa in 2021.

The spending measure was granted the legislature’s final seal of approval in its penultimate sitting before dissolution for the upcoming election, receiving the endorsement of 7 of the 8 parliamentary party leaders and passing 358-16-22.

Demand for military modernisation first arose through the findings of a National Assembly select committee in 2021, which concluded in its report that the Aredoan Armed Forces “is overly reliant on its naval prowess”, with its “woefully outdated” aerial and land resources posing a threat to Aredoa’s national security.

In its report, the committee called for urgent modernisation efforts, citing the volatility in nations neighboring Aredoa with tensions flaring in areas such as the Slokais Islands, Mallancaland, Xiomera and Huenya.

Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Defence Adelaida Sanzano spoke to the gathered press shortly after the measure’s passage, praising the contents of the spending bill and confirming that the first of the aircraft will be delivered in the coming months.

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