Svensson Presents Credentials

World Assembly HQ – Newly confirmed Ambassador to the World Assembly, Anton Svensson, today presented his credentials to the World Assembly Secretariat and took his place as Sanctaria’s representative, and IDU regional delegate, in the international body. Svensson, who was confirmed by the Senate on Monday, officially took office at one minute past midnight this morning, following the coming into effect of his predecessor Dr. Bethany Greer’s resignation.

Svensson’s nomination last week, and subsequent confirmation on Monday, was a swift win for the government, with the 42-year-old Department of Foreign Affairs staffer a conventional, albeit less experienced than usual, pick. Svensson has held no foreign posting, but as the Government argued during his nomination hearings in the Senate, as head of the foreign policy unit in the department’s Office of Global Affairs, was eminently qualified for the role. The Senate agreed, helped by the government’s majority, and Svensson became the second-youngest Ambassador in Sanctarian history.

After his credentials were accepted by the Secretariat, Svensson pledged to “continue the good work of his predecessors” and to “be a voice for Sanctaria and the International Democratic Union” in the drafting process of international law. It is not expected under Svensson’s helm, as under Greer’s leadership, that the Sanctarian delegation will be the lead author on any initiative, with the Democratic Left government in Sanctus content with “Sanctarian advice and guidance in the legislative process” as sufficient to progressing human rights while safeguarding Sanctarian values.

With his predecessor looking likely to snag a seat for the DLP in the upcoming by-elections, Svensson also commented that he had “no plans” to leave the diplomatic posting early for a “political assignment” back in Sanctaria. It is believed that the resignations of the two immediately past Ambassadors to take up or run for political office was a reason for the choice of Svensson, someone who has some experience with politics but ultimately forego the opportunity on a number of occasions to run for office himself.

ZACHARY de MORAES, World Assembly Correspondent

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