Xiomera responds to Haesan acts

A new Loyalty Reaffirmation Center in Huitzitaca

Xiomeran Imperial News

In response to a blatant attempt by the governors of four Haesanite provinces to steal skilled Xiomeran workers and encourage them to betray the Empire, the Imperial government has taken the following measures in response.

  • To make up for the cost of losing skilled workers, an additional 15% tariff shall be implemented immediately for any products originating from the Namhae, Imyu, Yeongnam, and Ryujang provinces of Haesan.
  • All Xiomeran government entities shall be barred immediately from any interaction with the governments of the Namhae, Imyu, Yeongnam, and Ryujang provinces of Haesan, with the exception of coordinating the return of expatriate Xiomerans. All Xiomeran businesses shall likewise be barred from any further business activity in those provinces, now or in the future.
  • Travel to the Namhae, Imyu, Yeongnam, and Ryujang provinces of Haesan from anywhere in Xiomera is immediately barred until further notice. Travel to Xiomera from those provinces is likewise barred until further notice, with the exception of returning workers and their families.
  • The family members and close acquaintances of any Xiomeran worker, or their family members abroad, who betray their oath of loyalty to the Empire and attempt to remain in Haesan past the date of November 10th, 2023 will be required to report to the new Loyalty Reaffirmation Centers being opened by the Ministry of Loyalty. Those individuals shall remain in the LRCs until such time as any would-be defectors choose to return to their senses, and return to Xiomera.
  • New guidance has been issued by the Ministry of Information that Hae-pop, or any other form of musical entertainment from the countries of Haesan, Eiria, Lauchenoiria and Milintica should be immediately replaced on playlists or broadcasts with Xiomeran performers. Music from the Patriotic Songs of the Empire playlist curated by the Ministry of Information shall also be acceptable.

Further actions shall be implemented as necessary in the event of further provocations by the governments in question. Long live the Empire!

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