Imogen Robinson, 11, Accuses Council of Kerlile of Double Standards Over “Secret of the Six”

Eleven-year-old Kerlian exile Imogen Robinson has accused the Council of Kerlile of having clear double standards around their membership requirements following the revelations that there were initially sixteen Councillors between 1924 and 1934. The middle schooler, who currently resides with her mother and sister in Eiria, told Eirian journalists that she thinks it is “stupid” that the Council forced Jennifer Hale to join against her will only to “kick off Mother a couple of years later, especially since they’ve done it before”. She also told the journalists, whose office she visited unannounced for this specific purpose, that she wants the Council to reinstate her family’s seat, alongside those of the Six.

Imogen has caused a number of problems for the exile family since they left Kerlile in 2021. She has remained a steadfast supporter of the Kerlian government, something which has caused numerous issues in West Vernceda Standard School where she is a pupil, according to parents who do not wish to be named. Imogen has allegedly repeatedly been in trouble with school authorities for bullying male pupils and challenging teachers for teaching material that is banned in Kerlile. It is believed that she wishes to return to Kerlile; which can only happen if the Order of Exile on her entire family is rescinded.

The “Secret of the Six”, as it has become known, was revealed when author Amelia Quinn released A Daughter’s Manifesto, alleging that she herself is descended from both a hidden Councillor of Kerlile and the defunct royal family of Fleura. While the claims were initially unverified, researchers have since found considerable evidence that Quinn’s ancestor Audrey was indeed heavily involved in the founding of Kerlile, and that her father is a descendant of a minor branch of the Fleuran royal family – although the claim of this branch to the throne seems even less valid in 2024 than one hundred years ago.

The young Imogen burst into the offices of a local Eirian news outlet in her area of residence (which will remain unnamed due to security reasons) in order to make these statements, which were then forwarded onto a national news outlet owned by the same company. Imogen also told journalists that she hopes that “all the other Six families will come forward” and invited Amelia Quinn to get in touch with her, “not [her] mother or sister, because they’ve given up on the dream”. This is presumed to be a reference to the “Kerlian Dream” of a female utopia.

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