Kerlile Recognises Samaran Independence

The Matriarchy of Kerlile has recognised the independence of the island of Samara, off the east coast of Zargothrax. The island, which is presently ruled by a cat, was granted independence by King Shapur of Zargothrax; however the international community has been slow to recognise the island’s new status due to the unpredictability of the King’s actions. Kerlile, which has never had formal diplomatic relations with Zargothrax, has now chosen to become the first to recognise the island and invite the new state to exchange ambassadors.

A statement released on the Council of Kerlile website said that the Council was “pleased to welcome Samara to the community of nations”, and made no mention of the non-traditional species of the island’s leader Sawalif. It is widely believed that the daughter of the island’s previous head noble, Akilah, is the real power behind the fur-covered throne. In Thraxian law, which Samara is yet to modify, Akilah and Sawalif are considered legal siblings. It is likely that this true power is the motivation behind Kerlile’s recognition.

The Matriarchy’s relationship with the majority of Nerian nations has been strained due to cultural differences; with perhaps the exception of Lehvant in recent years. Zargothrax is rated as Awful on the Kerlian Women’s Safety Index (KWSI); however there has been some evidence that King Shapur’s “cat laws” have unintentionally improved the situation for Thraxian women – especially on Samara, which is proof that women can gain power in the peninsula now, if in the name of their feline friends.

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