Thousands Gather in Laeralsford for Global Climate Protests

Laeralsford – Thousands of protestors took to the streets of Laeralsford and other Laeralian cities today, demanding government action against climate change and calling for an international conference for governments to mandate immediate carbon emission targets. An estimated 22,000 demonstrators in Laeralsford marched through the 1st and 3rd Arrondissements and in front of Republic House and Assembly Hall in largely peaceful protests taking place simultaneously in nations worldwide.

The organizers of the protest, the environmental advocacy group Climate Alliance Laeral, announced a series of five demands it has called upon governments worldwide to follow: an immediate international climate conference, a commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2025, an end to the import of fossil fuels from abroad, investments in renewable energy and public transport, and legal protections for all heritage forests.

“Scientists have warned us for decades that climate change is an existential threat to human life across the planet,” said Léa Prieur, a leader in Climate Alliance Laeral who spoke at the protest. “If we do not take immediate, drastic action to curb emissions and safeguard our future, then the consequences will be dire and they will be felt in every corner of the world.”

Smaller demonstrations also took place in Althea, Hanshui, Songshan, and Lyrene, as well as capital cities worldwide. In Lauchenoiria, seen as the heart of global climate activism, mass demonstrations in Buttercity and other cities have prompted Prime Minister Josephine Alvarez to schedule an address to Parliament on climate change, where she is expected to call for a global climate conference. Other nations with large-scale climate protests include Libertas Omnium Maximus, Eiria, Tsiba, Milintica, and Kerlile.

In Laeral, Green party leader and current Environment Minister Alexis Fleury joined protestors outside Assembly Hall. Fleury has asserted that Prime Minister Martin’s government would welcome a global conference on climate change, and has promised swift government action to curb emissions. “As the first-ever Laeralian government to give Green parties a seat at the table, we are committing to swift and comprehensive action to immediately tackle the threat of climate change.” He also pledged that the government would incorporate its promised complete climate action plan into law within two months.

Jiang Sengyi

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