Anti-Kaijanese Violence in New Liverpool

Earlier this week, a teenager named Justice Harang was arrested outside a Metro station. He was then beaten by police for what the officers called “refusal to arrest over the crime of using Marijuana for non-medical uses”. Bystanders claimed that the officers used anti-kaijan language with Mr. Harang. He was eventually forced away and was released an hour later and only then was his injures treated. The Kaijan Community Organisation called the arrest “an example of violence against us based on trumped-up charges”. 

In a report by the New Liverpool Anti-Hate Commission, there have been over 25 instances of hate crimes against members of the Kaijanese Community in the last year. On average Kaijanese-Slokasians are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than the general population. Much of this violence has been brought on by the War in Kaijan and the Kaijan League. In recent months gangs such as the Green Star Gang have gained power as a way of fighting back. GSG has themselves have committed revenge attacks against the police. In a recent interview, Joseph Zhang called for “An end to violence on both sides and for increased support for police efforts”. 

Kaijanese people outside Kaijan live mostly within the Southland Central and Southland River Wards. There may be around 120,000 living in the New Liverpool Area and 1 million nationwide. Prime Minister, who herself is half-Kaijanese said that “these are attacks against the Kaijanese Community and change most occur, there must be actions taken against the officers involved”. 

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