In Slokais, support grows for Kaijan Independence

In recent years the movement for Kaijan Indpendece has grown as Kaijan is falling behind the rest of the country in many ways, economically Kaijan has the lowest GDP, incomes, and literacy rates. The population is 62% Muslim with a sizeable 20% population of Indigenous people. In 2020 the island had an average income of $17,000 compared to $60,000 nationwide, the island was also Independent until the 1800s and since then there have various attempts at Independence, most have been violent with the most recent Third Kajan War were pro-independence Islamist militia, the Kaijan League took control of some regions. Since then two pro-independence parties, Muslim Union and the KPP have taken many house seats, the KPP being left-wing and labor-focused while Muslim Union being socially conservative.

Recently however there has been an uptick in a less armed pro-independence movement, the Colation for an Independent Kaijan has held rallies calling for a referendum to be held, the only issue is that Kaijan is two provinces so a referendum would have to be held in both. There is also another proposal supported by the Green Party and the Socialist-Labor Party to have Kaijan become an autonomous region with its own government and policy but with the continued funding and support from the central govermeant. 

In the Southland West Ward of New Liverpool, a protest is being held for Kaijan Independence, with signs in various languages, however, their goal is simply to have a referendum in Kaijan to gain Kaijan Independence. Southland has a large Kaijanese population and they have rallied together, the community has faced violence from far-right militias and local gangs.

In response a community trust was formed, Kaijanese people share resources, elders are helped by young people, job services are provided. Most of the community works in the service sector so a union was formed the Kaijanese Service Workers Union (KSWU). The KSWU has already gone on strike to bring attention to independence, it has worked on December 14th of last year, thousands of workers organized a strike, bringing hotels, offices, and train stations to a halt, the strike lasted a little over 24 hours but brought much attention to their movement. 

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