Strange Spree of Fridge Thefts in Summersea

Police are appealing for anyone with information on a strange spree of fridge thefts in the southern Lauchenoirian city of Summersea to come forward, after they were left stumped. Since the beginning of June, there have been 83 thefts of fridges from residential properties within the city and its suburbs, with no other goods being taken. As yet, there have been no witnesses to these thefts, and forensic analysis has returned inconclusive results.

“It’s so bizarre,” Elena Cortez, one of the victims, told the Lauchenoirian Guardian. “I mean, we have a pretty new TV in the kitchen right next to the fridge, but it was untouched. The even stranger part is the food in the fridge was left behind, just sitting on the floor and counters. We even have a burglar alarm, but nothing! I just can’t understand how it was even possible, never mind why someone would do this!”

The Summersea Police Department issued a public appeal for anyone with any information on the strange set of thefts to come forward, and have set up a phone line for anonymous tips. In a statement to the press, Chief Inspector Santiago said that “as of this date, no witnesses to the unusual crimes taking place across the city have spoken with the department, so we are issuing this public appeal. If you have seen or heard anything that could lead us to the perpetrators, please contact us.”

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