What’s going on in Mallacaland?

It’s been 2 years since the Emirate of Mallacaland was overthrown by a coalition of the former King and radicals on the left, right, and center. However soon the new Republic of Mallacaland was thrown into chaos by an attempted coup by King Abdin III, more known as “The Boy King” and his allies. However, Olympic hero and baseball player Ibrahim Kamza led a coalition government of left-wing radicals, the traditional establishment, and Islamic democrats. Yet in the years since much of the conditions remain the same. Poverty and food insecurity remain huge issues with Mallacland being ranked as “unstable” by UNL Food and Resource Index. Currently, Ibrahim Kamza is polling at 38% approval ratings a hard fall from 72% in 2021. Speaking of approval, although Ibrhaim Kamza has managed to keep the coalition together, he is disliked by those on the left for keeping Islamic institutions and modernizing through “authoritarian methods” and by those on the right for expanding the rights of women.

Going into the 2023 Election later this year, besides Prime Minister Kamza there are two leading figures. The first is, Ubayda Siddiqi of the National Values Party, a business leader behind development projects such as the Bay Sands Resort and the CEO of Mallacland’s largest shipping company. The other leading figure is Akil Mourad of the For The People Party, a former professor and academic who has called for the creation of a welfare state funded by state investments in natural gas as well as aligning with fellow Islamic states through the IDU.

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