Prime Minister Ibrahim Kamza briefly arrested

Yesterday, Ibrahim Kamza was arrested by the military while in the city of Am’ena. Kamza was holding a political rally in the city as part of protests against the Mallacaland Parliament being suspended by the Supreme Court last week. Although Kamza holds a parliamentary majority thanks to a broad coalition, failure to reach the 2/3rds needed for decorum meant the session could not truly begin. Allies of President Azim Shahid claimed that continuing conflict made holding a full session of parliament “dangerous”. This opinion was asserted when the Supreme Court of Mallacaland, primarily appointed in the last six months declared Parilmeant to be delayed until January 8th, 2024, “until, security could be assured for all members”. In response many govermeant agencies remain un-funded and without clear leadership. Additionally, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has been restarted, although, since 2021, it has held no legal authority.

Kamza was captured from his vehicle at a roadblock just outside Am’ena. The entire situation was captured by the Slokasian media company New Sun-Times which was virtually interviewing Kamza. After being arrested Kamza was transferred to a nearby jail and was officially charged with “illicit communications of a known terrorist group”. Specifically the Mira’zhi People’s Organization a local militia group of the Mira’zhi a Semitic ethnic group prominent in Am’ena. Kamza was quickly processed and a trial date was quickly set up in Am’ena. However, the Mayor of Am’ena pardoned Kamza, and was soon escorted out of jail by plain-clothed police. Speaking on social media, Kamza criticized the conditions he observed while being arrested by stating “Men were cramped into dark cells, with little food or medical care. May god protect all those being held by the military and shame upon those who believe these conditions are acceptable”.

Kamza is only the latest politician to be arrested on charges of illicit communications as Najeema el-Ameen of the Open Mallacaland Party was arrested last month on charges of conspiracy with the Kerllian govermeant. El-Ameen was a presidential candidate in 2023 receiving 2.7% of the vote. Although much of the continued militia activity has been put down by the military, the military still remains in all major cites across Mallacaland.

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